EXCO 10th Birthday Party

bday cake

We’re celebrating 10 years of EXCO’s existence!

We cordially invite you to join us on Sunday, June, 26th at 2pm in the Uptown Plumbing Community Room at W 36th and Bryant Av S in Minneapolis to celebrate our 10-year reunion.

There will be:
*skillshares & showcase of EXCO classes
*catered food & cake!
*tarot readings
**glitter station*
*chalk & bubbles

If there’s anything you have created,built, written, knitted, sang, learned how to do something as part of an EXCO class, bring it and we would love to showcase it in whatever way makes sense! music, dance, poetry art all welcome! What has come out of your involvement with EXCO? bring it even if it’s just a story, idea or a new friend.

Join us to share your memories and stories. We’ll meet each other across generations of EXCO organizers, facilitators, and participants. We’re looking forward to gathering our history, learning from each other’s different narratives of EXCO’s existence, and archiving our past in ways that can help us imagine new possibilities for the future. We’ll reflect on what connections were made, what relationships and networks created, and what projects emerged from our times together in EXCO’s classes, organizing spaces, and many events, as well as the afterlives of EXCO, thinking about how our experiences in EXCO influenced our lives beyond it. Join us to for celebration and reflection!