Thursday nights from 7-8:30 pm starting March 10

Fidget is a form of dance improvisation that requires constant motion over an extended period of time. In this ExCo class, our sessions will last roughly an hour in length. We will always dance to music, and each session will have a different musical theme in order to create a variety of Participants will be notified of the type of music at each session beforehand. People with all levels of dance experience and physical ability are welcome to join. Anyone with specific needs can be accommodated.

Fidget has the following rules:
I – You must always move.
II – Be aware of your own needs. Challenge yourself, but take care of yourself at the same time. Dress comfortably, and bring water!
III – Be aware of other people’s boundaries, and practice consent.
IV – Breathe.

Levels of Movement:
Fidget has three levels of movement. These levels are defined as the following:
Level i – Move one arm, one leg, or your torso
Level ii – move two parts of the body defined in level i
Level iii – move all three parts of the body defined in level i

I am interactive artist, meaning that I create artwork that requires on audience participation, and social interactions. I have practiced Fidget by myself, and I would love to try this with a group of people.

Contact for more information and to join