Sock Wrestling


A silly game of trying to take each other’s socks off. We play in pairs, threes, teams, or larger groups. There are a few strong suggestions (no standing), but most of the rules come and go. We encourage the process of feeling out what makes sense in a given context or situation rather than enacting rigid rules about how to play. That said, we also encourage variations such as no-hands or slow-mo to mix things up or even the playing field.
We want to be physical and playful with each other in a non-sexual space. It’s not about winning. It’s about learning to use our bodies in communication with others.
All sizes and bodies welcome. If you’re a body builder, you might be a delightful challenge for the quick or sneaky among us. For the more hesitant player, know that we love to communicate and work with different intensity preferences. What would help you to feel comfortable and empowered? Sock pun monikers, creative variations, and real-time commentary from the peanut gallery strongly encouraged.
What’s next?
A learn-to-darn night? who knows, we’re like kids in a SmartWool store.

When: Sundays from September 6th to October 25th at 12:30

Where: Powderhorn Park, North Side Fields

To learn more, contact the facilitator Orin Rubin at