Marx Study Group


November 29 – Januray 3, every Saturday at 2PM
Location TBD based on preferences of participants

This study group is intended for anyone who is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the thought of 19th century political philosopher Karl Marx through engaging directly with a variety of his key texts. While there is a lot of room to disagree with Marx, there can be little doubt about the immense influence of his ideas (and those of his followers) on the political history of the 20th century. There are therefore many reasons to engage with Marx’s ideas, not least of which is to more effectively navigate the politics of the 21st century — anarchist, communist, liberal, or otherwise. Whatever our reasons for being interested in Marx, his writings can be difficult and are worth studying with the help of others.

My idea for this group is to decide on a short work, or part of a longer work, to read each week before we meet. I’m initially proposing that we meet once a week for 5 weeks. At each meeting we’ll work to understand the text’s meaning and significance through sharing questions, coming up with possible answers, and discussing our views. The group will decide what we read and how we approach what we read. I am not an expert on Marx or Marxism, and therefore only intend to be the convener and initial facilitator rather than the leader of this group.

I’m planning on using the Marx-Engels Reader (ed. Robert C. Tucker), available online, as our main resource.

Contact Ben at to sign up

As someone who’s been interested in radical politics for a number of years, I have yet to seriously engage with the work of Marx himself, work which arguably forms the bedrock of modern radical politics. I’m hoping “going to the source” in this way will help clear up some of the confusion and vagueness I tend to run into when thinking about Marx and his influence. I hope this clearer understanding will in turn help me to act more responsibly in the capitalist world I live in, and think beyond it.

I’ve been studying philosophy, including Marx, for three years at a handful of different U.S. colleges. I have experience facilitating community meetings, academic discussion groups, and meetings of student organizations.