Empowerment Circle

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11/2,1:30-4:30.  Macalester Campus center 215
11/16, 1:30-4:30 Macalester Campus center 215

Through this enjoyable guided process, you will feel the power of giving and receiving support, love and energy. You will begin first in either the giver (standing) or receiver (sitting) mode. As the circle moves you will deepen your understanding of each particular role and how it benefits you. The circle completes itself when each person has connected to everyone as both a giver and receiver. From the place of energized Oneness at the completion of the circle, we send out a blessing to benefit all beings. This is truly a beautiful way to experience and know the unconditional love we truly are.

Some poetry, chanting and circle dances are also included. A discussion of the process precedes and follows the circle.

Facilitators: Randy Lanari & David Nelson

Macalester College Campus Center Room 215, 1600 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN

Contact Randy to sign up at: randylanari@yahoo.com

Randy Lanari has a master’s degree from St Mary’s University in Human Development and has studied and practiced various consciousness and personal growth paths (Yoga, Sufism, Living Love, TM, psychology, Power of Now) beginning in 1971. Randy has led a continuing Power of Now (based on Eckhart Tolle’s methods) group since 2002.

David Nelson’s path was very eclectic including doing two forms of reiki through the master level, four levels of qigong, and various forms of other energy work, spiritual exploration and earth work. He has even lived at a Buddhist monastery in New Zealand and has extensive meditation experience, though his conscious connection to the Earth is always the foundation for his mystical path. He can often be found leaning against a tree in the park or laying on the grass in his yard as part of his personal daily practice.

He works with individuals and groups combining these various modalities in a fun and enjoyable way that offers the experience to gather the wisdom that is perfect for them. He loves empowering others to know and follow their own heart, and shares practical techniques that they can use and adapt to their everyday life.